Pro Golf

The first golf pros weren’t really pros in the modern sense. They had to give golf lessons or sell equipment in order to be able to survive financially. The British Open, one of the largest golf tournaments in the world today, was founded in 1860. Not to be outdone, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew's drew thousands of golf fans from all over the world to Scotland. Approximately 60 years later the Walker Cup and the Ryder Cup were added. Meanwhile, many tournaments became international affairs.

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) was established in the early 20th century. The British star trio James Braid, J.H. Taylor and Harry Vardon were members. In 1901 the first PGA tournament took place. One of the first professional golfers that could live exclusively on his golf earnings was the American Walter Hagen. “Sir Walter” won five PGA tournaments, four British Opens and two US-Opens and lived the dream and life-style of a millionaire. Today, many golf pros continue to live the good life.