Urs Jaermann is the first to admit that he is not an expert golfer. If he was, he might never have developed the Jaermann & Stübi golf watch. As an average player, counting strokes tends to interfere with concentration on the game. This inspired an innovation.

With Urs’ dislike of keeping score, combined with his love for watches, the idea of Jaermann & Stübi was born. And ten years later it became a reality.

Pascal Stübi and Jaermann met at a communication strategies lecture. With Stübi’s experience creating watches and Jaermann’s dream, they found that they had a similar vision of creating a golf watch made in Switzerland.

Jaermann & Stübi do not engage in mass production-everything is hand crafted on a small series and numbered individually, making these watches some of the most sought after and exclusive in Switzerland. After all, luxury and exclusivity shouldn’t be found on every wrist. Otherwise, what’s the point?