Golf spreads worldwide

By the 19th century, there were over 40 golf clubs in Great Britain alone. Then by the 1900s, golfers began to hop across the pond to play golf in America, referred to as “golf’s promised land.” Or maybe they were just searching for better food. Golf was becoming fashionable worldwide on the coasts. Capetown got a golf course. Holland and Sweden developed beautiful courses. And not to be outdone, France built courses along the sea. Later, the first inland golf courses were built. These courses got artificial obstacles such as sand traps, extra large ponds and even lakes. Thus, the occupation of the golf course architect was born. In the meantime, different balls were being experimented with. Some were leather and filled with feathers. These old balls were never really round, but rather oval, which impaired flight. New rubber balls were the solution. These artificially produced balls were round and had small hollows so that they flew better.