1200° C

The Spanish Open is part of the PGA European Tour and was won by Seve Ballesteros with 274 strokes (14 under par). The irons 2 to 9 that he played as well as the Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge have been transformed into 50 watch cases for the "Seve Ballesteros II" limited series. The sophisticated, multi-phase process was developed in collaboration with the best metallurgic specialists. First, the club heads had to be analyzed to obtain an alloy that met the requirements for a watch case and facilitated cavity-free casting. After extensive testing, the clubs were divided into portions and melted, so that a cast piece was obtained from each club, so that the clubs could later be matched with the watch cases. Subsequently, the cast pieces were forged into watch cases at a temperature of roughly 1200° C.

This process made it possible to match each watch with one of the irons with which Severiano Ballesteros won the Spanish Open in 1995.